Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthdays and Glossy Cardstock

My granddaughter created another birthday cake. This was for my husband's birthday. He loves western movies, especially the old black and white movies. So this is the cake she made in his honor.

The hat is molded rice krispie treats covered with fondant. The sheriff badge is rolled fondant.

Here is another view that shows the movie reel. She drew circles on waxed paper, then filled the circles with melted chocolate. When the chocolate set she used these for the top and bottom of the reel. The circles on top of the reel were white chocolate melts. The film cascading around the cake was rolled fondant that was painted with black food coloring.

It was difficult to put candles on this cake so I made some cupcakes. My husband and my 2 youngest grandsons are in this next picture and the oldest is helping blow out the candles. I guess there were too many candles for my husband to blow out by himself. Isn't this a great picture? Lots of hot air!

This next post shows a technique with glossy card stock, white embossing powder and Adirondack dye inks. If you're in a hurry this is the technique to do. It makes a quick but elegant card.

The Hero Arts stamp was embossed with white embossing powder and place about 1" above the bottom edge of the cardstock. Using a make-up wedge I lightly swirled Conch Shell, Peach Bellini and Beach Glass Adirondack dye inks over the entire surface. Don't overlap the inks because they will get muddy in color. Light color inks are the best when you try this for the first time. I used a soft tissue to wipe off the embossed image to remove any ink residue. A few pearls in the center of the flowers add a little elegance to these cards. The verse, butterfly and dragon flies were stamped with dye ink. Since this is glossy cardstock be careful when you stamp the black, the cardstock is slippery and it takes a minute or two for the ink to dry. If you're in a hurry you can heat set the black.

The next photo shows one card with darker dye inks and on the other card I used gold alcohol ink with blender added to the felt.

The darker dye inks can be blotchy so swirl very lightly and test on scrap paper before applying to the glossy cardstock. Try'll like it! Leave me a comment after you try it.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.

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