Sunday, July 25, 2010

I "break" for parties!

Three Birthday parties in 14 days!

My granddaughter has become quite the cake decorator. Her brother likes dragons so she created a dragon cake for his birthday, complete with treasures. The dragon body was formed with rice krispie treats and then covered with colored fondant. You can see a bit of the rice krispie on the dragons neck. Can you tell she's a graphic arts major? There is no way I could make a dragon out of rice krispies and fondant!

There was little room for the candles so we had to improvise...the large candle equals 10 yrs. and each of the little ones is 1 yr. with one for "good luck" = 13 yrs old. He loved the dragon!

The next party was for my father. My granddaughter designed a "wine, cheese and fruit" cake for him. The pears and grapes were formed with marzipan. Raspberry Jello with a little black food coloring was perfect for the red wine. The cheese was another rice krispie treat covered with fondant. The tablecloth was fondant rolled thin then painted with red food coloring. Did you ever eat a tablecloth? This one was delicious.

The next cake my granddaughter made for her friend who loves"Nightmare Before Christmas".

The swirl on the left side (in the next photo) was made by painting melted chocolate inside a wax paper covered bowl. Painting with chocolate sounds good to me. "Sally" resting against the tombstone which is made of Vienna Cookies covered with colored fondant.

"Jack" was made with fondant. The pumpkin is marzipan, the white and black drapery is rolled fondant.

Next birthday is in September....I wonder what she will design? Each cake is a work of art. My granddaughter is very talented and I am proud of her! I'll let you know if she decides to take orders for speciality cakes.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden".

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