Monday, October 28, 2013

WNY Holiday Stamp-a-Palooza

Another great day of stamping with my fellow paper crafting addicts! Great fun, great inspiration, great food and great conversations with my fellow stampers. The requirement for this shoebox was to make a Holiday themed project, one sample of this item and 20 kits to complete this project. This is the card that I created.

and the inside:

Here are the paper crafted items that were created in the "odd numbered" room. I was assigned to this room along with 19 other lovely women....I don't think any of us could be called "odd"! I hope the numbers assigned to us were random picks and not attributed to our characteristics :-).

and the inside with a pull out paper that tucks behind the bottom ornament:

A couple more fantastic projects:

Hope you can see the embossing on the card on the left.

the insides of the two cards in the previous picture. The card on the right has a Mickey Mouse "Gift Card" attached so you can see how the gift card pops up when you open it! FYI...the gift card was NOT included with the project...wouldn't it be great if it was lol!

Two more of the delightful card from the "odd" room!

As many of you know I am always turning my sketches on the side...well.....never fear I am still turning things! The card on the left was designed to be vertical, I turned it horizontal.

Two lovely snowflake cards...I smeared some ink on the card on the left soooo when I got home I punched a few snowflakes and added them to cover my boo boo ;-)

And once again...I turned the card on the left to be horizontal.

Three delightful cards, the left one is a gate folded card.

 The card on the left is a 'shaker'card, the card on the right is from one of the swaps.

The snowman on the left has a 'light-up' nose, thanks to a battery operated tea light. The adorable box on the 
right is just large enough to hold a votive candle...BTW a candle was included....too bad a 'gift card" was not included in the other

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SCS Review

I'm back to share some of the wonderful paper crafting projects from the Flower City SCS Get Together. What a fabulous day it was! Ideas galore, fabulous "make in takes", great fun with fellow 'paper addicts' and delicious food.

There were many wonderful gifts in the 'handmade' gift exchange.

This is the beautiful gift that I received. A fabulous mixed media idea! Definitely on my CASE list.

Here are a few pics of some of the other 'handmade gifts".

What a beautifully coordinated multi purpose gift!

A marvelous way to use those left over 1 " cardstock strips that are cut off from the 12" X 12" papers. Just coil them and attach to a Styrofoam wreath frame!

This is a wonderful mini album....for more info....just google.... "Follow the Paper Trail Mini Albums" prepared to be blown away by the creativity!

The card swap was exceptional here are some of the different cards from that swap:

Here are some more....

In addition to all these great ideas there were 'make-in-takes'!!!

These six cards were included in the days activities. And......

This FAB box with a surprise inside....

delicious Hershey Nuggets....yum, yum, yum! But wait there's more.....

This delightful box with.....

a pop-up slot inside to hold a gift card!

There were 41 different cards on display throughout the day.

and more....

and more...

 and more....

and last but not least....

You probably notice that there was a little overlapping from photo to photo but I wanted to be sure that I photographed each and every card/project on display!!!

These are the "shoebox" cards that were made at the table that I was sitting at....

In addition to all the delicious food and the GREAT projects....we each came home with a glue stick, pop dots and 9 plastic containers to recreate the 'gift card' box and the 'Hershey Nugget' box. :-) :-) There were also door prizes and one lucky lady won all 41 cards that were on display!!!

Let the 'countdown' to next year begin!!

I'll be back to share some of the other projects that were done and some close ups of various cards....

But before I do that....I am attending another get together on October 26, 2013 about 1 1/2 hrs from my home. This one is all about Christmas....each participant designs ONE card and 20 kits for making this card.  In addition to the kits, 4 assembled cards are also necessary (one for a sample at the crafting table, one for each of the 2 hostesses and one for a lucky 'door prize' winner). Christmas over load here I come!!! This particular 'get together' is 'NEW to ME' so it will be very interesting. I must thank Maria my Lilac Inkers friend to convincing me to go with her to this Christmas gathering.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.

Friday, October 04, 2013

SCS Get Together #3

Tomorrow is the big day for the SCS 6th Annual Flower City Get Together. The excitement is mounting...I can't wait to see all the marvelous paper crafted ideas. Can you say "CASE"!! oh yeah!

There is also a handmade gift exchange that I have chosen to participate in. This is the gift I have created for the the exchange.

This is the front of my 'card box'.

This shows the contents inside the box.

Card #1 of four with a matching envelope.

Card #2 of four with matching envelope.

Card #3 of four with matching envelope.

Card #4 of four with matching envelope.

This shows the insides of two of the cards. The floral dies/stamps and Morocco background are MFT.

I'll be back next week to share all the wonderful projects from the 'shoebox', the cards from the swap, the gift from the gift exchange and all the projects that are scheduled for the aftenoon of the SCS Gathering.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

SCS Get Together #2

There are only two more days then the fun begins at the 6th Annual Flower City Gathering. This year 41 people signed up to attend. The only mandatory part of the event is to create a "shoebox" project. The "shoebox" project can be anything that is stamped.....this year there will be 7 people at each table so we were required to make 7 kits (plus 1 completed project to be used as our sample). The project has to be something that can be finished in 10-12 minutes. Kinda like the 10 minute craft dash challenge. Can you imagine getting 40 different paper crafting ideas all in one place at the same time?? This is were the picture taking comes in! Can you say "idea overload"?

This is my "shoebox" card.

The floral dies/stamps and sentiment are from MFT. The houndstooth background is from Cloud 9.

Tomorrow I will share another project for the SCS Gathering.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

SCS Get Together

I am still doing lots of paper crafting but find it difficult to get my challenge cards in by the deadline :-(  I guess I will have to concentrate on challenges that have a longer lead time, the 5 or 6 days to complete a card, just doesn't fit my current work schedule. I get the cards done but...the picture taking, color correcting, cropping, water marking and then time to write the "post" seem to be my downfall.

This Saturday is the 6th annual Flower City gathering. Unfortunately I missed the gathering last year but was determined to attend this year. It is a day full of paper crafting, swaps, projects, door prizes and FOOD yummy FOOD!! There are many swaps to choose from and this year I will be participating in the card front swap. So many talented women gathered in one spot for an entire day, great ideas are flowing from one corner of the room to the other. In 3 more days this event will take place. Let the countdown begin!

These are the cards I completed for the swap.

I used the negative part from the die cut and lots of different patterned papers for the background. I also cut a positive image from a scrap of the background paper and placed it inside the corresponding card. Sorry no picture, so use your imagination. Since I am a "do ahead" person, I made 22 of these cards with various DP. At final count 17 people signed up for this swap so I will end up with 17 different card ideas in my hot little hands. It is so great to see these samples up close and personal when I get back to the Butterfly
Garden. There will be LOTS of picture taking of all the other swap samples! More to come tomorrow...

I will, of course, be making a gazillion cards with the positive flowers left over from these cards. I will share at a later date.

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.