Thursday, August 26, 2010

Full Front Tri-Shutter Cards

These two cards are tri-shutter cards with
a twist. The front of the card is probably similar to cards you usually make.
The outside is a plain 'ol rectangle.
It is much easier to decorate when you don't have to cut paper into unusual shapes.
These cards measure 5 1/2" X 4", so they are only 1/4" narrower than the usual A2 cards.
From the outside they look just like a regular card. The surprise is inside!
When the card is opened you can see how similar it is to it's cousin the "Tri-fold" card.

The butterfly was purchased at a thrift shop where the sell vintage buttons, embellishments, laces, tassels and lots of other "fun" stuff. The butterflies were in a package that was originally sold by the yard. I just snipped the stitching to separate one butterfly from the rest.

When making the full front tri-fold you eliminate the scoring at 2". You score at 4", 8" & 10".

The top and bottom sections (1 1/2" wide) get scored at 6". Don't score the middle.

I love the "laughing sentiment" on the blue card. Oh how true!!!

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lynda said...

You're toooo clever, girl. Love how you made the full front on these! I especially love the blue and green one....great combo and papers.