Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grab Some Thread??

"Grab some thread" is the title of the Timeless Tuesday challenge at Flourishes. I rarely sew and I can't justify sewing on cards when I have clothing that needs to be sewn. That being said...I read farther and saw "FAUX" sewing is that's something I can do!

The image was colored with Copic markers and the bee wings were highlighted with a Stardust pen. An ultra fine black pen was used for the "FAUX" stitching which showcases the trail of the bees.

The inside of this card was done!!! Now that is remarkable for me....I have a gazillion cards with nothing on the insides...I figure I can add an appropriate verse when I get ready to use the card! yah right!! Whenever I do this I wish I had a scrap of DP from the front to put inside, think I can find one measly little scrap....NO such luck. It would take me a week of Sunday's to put insides in all of my completed cards, so I am going to attempt to finish the inside when I create the card. Notice I said 'attempt'...not etched in stone. Does anyone else have baskets of cards with nothing inside? Please tell me I'm not alone :-)

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.


Lisa Elton said...

Looks like summer has arrived at the butterfly garden! This warms me to the core Marie and your faux stitching is just right!! And no you're NOT alone...I usually don't put anything on the inside of my cards either. Some of them can be used for multiple occasions so I leave them blank until I'm ready to use them! Thanks for your sweet comments ;)

Jessi Fogan said...

I *always* leave my insides blank - selling most of them I just prefer to have a blanket 'yes they're all blank inside'. If I know when I'm making it that it's for a specific person, though, then sometimes I add a little something while I'm doing it.
And as for sewing - how is it that I can patiently sew dozens of buttons on one card, and not have the patience to sew ONE button on a pair of kids' pants? The same pair of pants has been waiting since Saturday...still no button ;)
I absolutely love the colours of your card - and the punny sentiment, of course! It just has such a fabulous spring feel to it :)

Debbie said...

This is so pretty, Marie!! Pretty image and I like the extra bees buzzing around!

Yes, I have a bazillion cards without anything on the inside! I am trying to remember to finish that when I make them, too. Trying!!

Maria said...

So so pretty! Love this summery scene with the bees and flowers! And, I'm with the others for I nearly almost leave the inside blank until I'm ready to use them. Hope you had a lovely Easter, hugs!