Monday, October 28, 2013

WNY Holiday Stamp-a-Palooza

Another great day of stamping with my fellow paper crafting addicts! Great fun, great inspiration, great food and great conversations with my fellow stampers. The requirement for this shoebox was to make a Holiday themed project, one sample of this item and 20 kits to complete this project. This is the card that I created.

and the inside:

Here are the paper crafted items that were created in the "odd numbered" room. I was assigned to this room along with 19 other lovely women....I don't think any of us could be called "odd"! I hope the numbers assigned to us were random picks and not attributed to our characteristics :-).

and the inside with a pull out paper that tucks behind the bottom ornament:

A couple more fantastic projects:

Hope you can see the embossing on the card on the left.

the insides of the two cards in the previous picture. The card on the right has a Mickey Mouse "Gift Card" attached so you can see how the gift card pops up when you open it! FYI...the gift card was NOT included with the project...wouldn't it be great if it was lol!

Two more of the delightful card from the "odd" room!

As many of you know I am always turning my sketches on the side...well.....never fear I am still turning things! The card on the left was designed to be vertical, I turned it horizontal.

Two lovely snowflake cards...I smeared some ink on the card on the left soooo when I got home I punched a few snowflakes and added them to cover my boo boo ;-)

And once again...I turned the card on the left to be horizontal.

Three delightful cards, the left one is a gate folded card.

 The card on the left is a 'shaker'card, the card on the right is from one of the swaps.

The snowman on the left has a 'light-up' nose, thanks to a battery operated tea light. The adorable box on the 
right is just large enough to hold a votive candle...BTW a candle was included....too bad a 'gift card" was not included in the other

Back to creating cards in my Butterfly Garden.


Lisa Elton said...

Like I said I wish I lived near you!! This sounds so fun and your card is PRETTY Marie, love the tree!! Hope you're doing well, missing you in blogland ;)

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh Marie, how much fun this must have been! And good to know you are still turning things on their side ;) It would feel weird if you weren't! lol